The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 6 / 2012 / 69-76

Functional organization of respiratory system during physical activity

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Functional organization of respiratory system, based on correlations between respiratory indices at rest and during physical activity was examined in healthy young inhabitants of Western Siberia. It is found that oxygen loop regulates pulmonary ventilation during physical activity, independently from baseline respiratory parameters. Ventilatory efficiency is shown to be of great concern in oxygen consumption supplying only during light physical activity. Significance of oxygen utilization coefficient reduces to zero concurrently with breathing frequency increase and connection of structural component of diffusion during moderate physical activity. Residual volume increase reflects that reserve tissue of the respiratory regions of the lungs includes in ventilation and gas exchange and appropriate diffusion capacity rises as a result of respiratory surface enlargement. This functional organization of the respiratory system can be named “physically active”. Ventilatory chain intensification combines with the reserve tissue of respiratory regions mobilization in it.

Key words

respiratory system, physical activity, functional organization
About Authors (Correspondence):

Shishkin G.S. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, chief researcher of laboratory of respiratory physiology

Ustyuzhaninova N.V. – candidate of biological sciences, senior researcher

Gultyaeva V.V. – candidate of biological sciences, senior researcher

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Received: 10/02/2015