The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 6 / 2013 / 5-10

Fundamental problems of the circumpolar and the arctic medicine

Author: Panin L.E.1
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Today Russia has a huge geopolitical problem related to the development of the Northern Sea Route and the shelves of the Arctic Ocean. With its decision these territories become a zone of continuous human activities. Extreme climatic conditions make it necessary to develop the life support system here, based on new principles for prevention of human diseases and provide him with adequate medical care. The effectiveness of the circumpolar and arctic medicine in high latitudes will depend on how well they are able to take into account these features of the human environment and its functional state of organs and systems. The article is based on the material of institutes of the Siberian Branch of RAMS, involved in the study of medical problems of Siberia and the Asian North.

Key words

Asian North, Arctic, human adaptation, circumpolar and arctic medicine
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