The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 2 / 2019 / 92-98
DOI 10.15372/SSMJ20190213


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Work purpose – assessment of the physical development and a functional status of 8-years-old children of Gorno-Altaysk, taking into account the nationality, gender, group of health and social conditions. Material and methods. The object of research was the schoolchildren of 8 years, in total 115 children (57 boys and 58 girls), including 30 girls and 31 boys of Russian nationality and 28 girls and 28 boys the Altaian nationality. The following parameters were determined: 1) anthropometric (body length and weight, thorax circumference, Ketle index, Pinye index). 2) functional parameters: assessment of external breath parameters (Vital lung capacity, Vital index); cardiovascular system parameters in the conditions of relative rest; dynamometric (strength of the muscles of the hand, hand index). The analysis of medical records and assessment of social conditions with questionary were also carried out. Results. Morphofunctional parameters of the most part of the examined children corresponded to average values. Comparison by national sign has shown that there were practically no differences between groups of boys of these nationalities whereas at girls the distinction on the main genotype was revealed: the Russian girls had the higher body length, than the Altain’s. The boys’ functional indicators depended on the level of morphological development to larger extent in comparison with girls. The obesity was revealed at 22 % of boys. It was suggested that boys have higher organism sensitivity to the influence of adverse environmental factors. Conclusion. It was noted, that children with constitution mesomorphic type, weak development of the hands muscular strength, and low indices of the lungs vital capacity prevailed in families with inadequate material income. The frequency of girls’ catarrhal diseases to some extent depended on the level of material income of parents, whereas in boys it depended on the level of their physical development. On the basis of nationality, there were no differences among boys, while Russian girls were higher than Altaian’s.

Key words

primary school age, Altaians, Russian, social and living conditions, morphological and functional indicators
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Received: 24/04/2019
Accepted: 24/04/2019