The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 2 / 2020 / 98-103
DOI 10.15372/SSMJ20200214

Insufficiency of timeliness and efficiency of diagnosis of malignant tumors of visual localization in the female reproductive system

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Reproductive system cancer is the most common female malignancy, accounting for 36.1 to 37.6 % of all gynecological cancers. The incidence rate of female reproductive system cancer continues to increase. Material and methods. The study was conducted in 2018 by interviewing 391 patients with breast cancer, 273 patients with cervical cancer, 30 patients with cancer of the vulva and 11 patients with vaginal cancer were interviewed. Results. The time period for making diagnosis lasted no longer than a week in 2.0 % of respondents with breast cancer, 5.9 % with vaginal tumor and 11.3 % with cervical cancer. A long period of cancer detection was the cause of advanced cancer (56.5 and 47.0 % of cases of breast and cervical cancer, 40.0 % of vulva and 11.6 % of vaginal cancer). Discussion. The majority of district oncologists and other allied healthcare professionals are not able to identify abnormalities caused by cancer. Physicians of municipal health care facilities are either completely unaware of the procedure for routing patients with suspected malignant neoplasm or simply cannot explain it to patients. Conclusions. Oncologists working in outpatient health care facilities and other allied healthcare professionals need a special methodical literature on cancer screening. It is necessary to optimize the routing scheme of patients with suspected malignant tumors with mandatory training of oncologists and other allied healthcare professionals on the routing of such patients.

Key words

timely diagnosis, breast cancer, cervical cancer, vulva cancer, vaginal cancer, routing scheme of patients
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Voroshina: N.V.,

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Received: 29/04/2020
Accepted: 29/04/2020