The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Vol. 32, № 2, 2012


Influence of the cannabinoid receptors synthetic ligands on eicosanoids synthesis in vitro

Lobanova E.G.

Modification of the fatty acids of rat liver in conditions of highfat load

Gvozdenko T.A., Zhukova N.V., Karaman Yu.K., Novgorodtseva T.P.

Integration homeostatic systems rats in adaptation by high fat load

Karaman Yu.K.

Hepatocyte ploidy of the rats under the high fat diet

Bivalkevich N.V., Karaman Yu.K., Gvozdenko T.A.

Constitution of lymphatic system

Petrenko V.M.


The research on coagulation factors of external, internal and general mechanisms of coagulation hemostasis in children with stable arterial hypertension

Gomellya M.V., Dolgikh V.V., Philippov E.S., Rychkova L.V.

Comparative assessment of frequency of cytogenetic abnormalities in buccal epithelium of children in the territories of toxic, radiological, and combined environmental pollution

Korsakov A.V., Troshin V.P., Mikhalev V.P., Zhilin A.V., Zilina O.V., Vorobeva D.A., Korotkova N.S.

Correlation between arterial hypertension and non-etherified fatty acids and adenine nucleotides levels in blood of patients with primary gout

Kushnarenko N.N., Govorin A.V., Shcherbakova O.A.

The structure of articular cartilage glycosaminoglycans in osteoarthritis patients: influence of knee topography

Rusova T.V., Baitov V.S.

Composition of blood free and esterified fatty acids under the forming of metabolic syndrome

Novgorodtseva T.P., Karaman Yu.K., Zhukova N.V., Lobanova E.G., Antonyuk M.V.

Immunometabolic peculiarities of the comorbid course of the chronic cholecystitis and metabolic syndrome

Yurenko A.V., Antonyuk M.V., Dem’yanenko N.B., Shchedrina O.B.

Localization of the receptors to leptin and adiponectin in skin and muscular tissue under nutrient deficiency of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Burtseva Ye.V., Nevzorova V.A., Dyuizen I.V., Kotsyurbiy E.A.

Influence of malnutrition on hormonal response to cardiosurgery in patients with acquired heart disease

Subbotovskaya A.I., Knyaz’kova L.G., Shilova A.N., Lomivorotov V.V., Subbotovskiy A.P., Sergeevichev D.S., Efremov S.M.


Optimization of primary prevention of non-communicable diseases among railway employees of West Siberia, working under conditions of high professional risk (populational study – 15 years trend)

Kudelkina N.A., Fomicheva M.L., Shchetinin A.N.

Actigraphy in diagnostics of subject-operator falling asleep

Grishin O.V., Grishin V.G., Smirnov S.V.

The early signs of intrauterine growth restriction on the data of maternal heart rate variability

Kleshchenogov S.A.

Neuroautonomic correlates of threatening preterm labor on the data of maternal heart rate variability

Kleshchenogov S.A.