The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Vol. 32, № 3, 2012


Brain oscillations and individual variability of arterial blood pressure reactivity dynamics during cardiac defense in healthy men

Aftanas L.I., Brak I.V., Reva N.V., Pavlov S.V.

The therapeutic efficiency of mechanochemically synthesized Compositions of nano-structured particles of silicium dioxide and antibiotics at experimental sepsis in (CBA×C57Bl6)F1 mice

Gaidul K.V., Lykov A.P., Larina O.N., Goldina I.A., Safronova I.V., Gus’kov S.A., Evseenko V.I., Dushkin A.V., Lyakhov N.Z., Kozlov V.A.

The wound healing effect of the phosphomycin and nanostructured silicium dioxide composition synthesized mechanochemically at the model of cutting and burn wound of skin

Gaidul K.V., Lykov A.P., Larina O.N., Goldina I.A., Safronova I.V., Gus’kov S.A., Dushkin A.V., Lyakhov N.Z., Kozlov V.A.

The influence of myoglobinuric renal failure on nitric oxide syntheisis in rats

Sukhovershin R.A.

Hypocholesterinemic and antioxidant effect of the multicomponent plant remedy in hydrocortisone-induced dyslipoproteinemia

Banzaraksheev V.G.


Intraoperative monitoring of the brainstem state during basal tumor removal, anesthesia specifics, and vital functions (Report 1)

Tsvetovsky S.B, Stupak V.V.

Age-related changes in right ventricular diastolic function

Sumin A.N., Arkhipov O.G.

Natriuretic peptides in patients with metabolic syndrom

Gvozdenko T.A., Simonova I.N., Khodosova K.K., Veremchuk L.V.

Metabolic disorders in patients with comorbid course of chronic cholecystitis and chronic gastritis

Knyshova V.V., Yurenko A.V., Sheykina A.I.

Condition of the immunity and peroxidation system – antioxidant defense in progressing chronic obstructive lung disease

Gvozdenko T.A., Borshchev P.V., Ivanov E.M., Danilchuk D.V., Veremchuk L.V.

Influence of the sinusoidal modulated currents on the lipid and protein metabolism of the patients with chronic non-calculous cholecystitis

Sheykina A.I., Knyshova V.V.

Effect of cardiac and brain complications for periods of survivability in the surgery of infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm

Karpenko A.A., Chernyavskiy A.M., Dyussupov A.A.

Comparative characterictics of neuroautonomic responsiveness in healthy pregnant and non-pregnant women

Kleshchenogov S.A.

Neuroautonomic risk factors for the labor abnormalities on the data of maternal cardiorhythm variability

Kleshchenogov S.A.

Impact of the polymorphism –344T/C of aldosteron synthase gene on components of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and heart rate variability in pregnant women with preeclampsia

Radkov O.V., Kalinkin M.N., Zavarin V.V.