The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Vol. 32, № 5, 2012


Method of modeling of renal arterial hypertension in rats

Dyizen I.V., Ekaterina V.E., Romanchenko E.F., Tishchenko O.V., Tyrtyshnikova A.V., Lamash N.E, Motavkin P.A.

The dependence of the functional status of the lymphatic drainage in the rat hind limb on the dosage and mode of ceftriaxone administration and the duration of chemotherapy

Popov P.V., Syropyatov B.Ya., Odegova T.F.

A study of the dynamics of the activity of antioxidant ferments and lipids peroxidation effect of acrylamide in the isolated test- systems in vitro and in the pathogenesis of the acute intoxication

Tarskikh M.M., Kolesnikov S.I.

Redox-sensitive signaling system Кeap1/Nrf2/ARE in differentiation and activation of Т lymphocytes

Chechushkov A.V., Tkachev V.O., Zenkov N.K., Menshchikova E.B.


Cognitive evoked potential, Р300 component: role in assessment of cognitive function among patients with arterial hypertension and obesity

Zueva I.B., Vanaeva K.I., Sanets E.L

The endogenous cannabinoids and cognitive functions in patients with obesity

Zueva I.B., Vanaeva K.I.

Dynamics of comorbide internal deaseses prevalence at workers in Mirny of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Nikolaev Yu.A., Shkurupiy V.A., Mitrofanov I.M., Polyakov V.Ya.

Molecular markers of gonadotropin-dependent period of folliculogenesis in endocrine infertility

Ekimova M.V., Pozhilenkova E.A., Salmina A.B., Teplyashina E.A.

Role of the transforming growth factor-β1 in structural changes of a bronchial wall at different variants of inflammation in bronchia

Gereng E.А., Sukhodolo I.V., Pleshko R.I., Ogorodova L.M., Milto I.V., Bukreeva E.B., Kobyakova O.S, Selivanovа P.A., Kremis I.S.

Anthropometric measures at the native people of Сhukotka

Gyrgolkau L.A., Nikitin Yu.P., Shcherbakova L.V.

Therapeutic correction of endothelial dysfunction: data of the translational medicine

Inzhutova A.I., Filippova S.A., Larionov A.A., Bikova V.V., Novikova T.V., Orlova T.P., Inzhutova I.G., Petrova M.M., Salmina A.B.

Pathogenesis of chronic renal failure in patients with hypertension (review)

Nikolaev K.Yu., Nikolaeva A.A., Popova L.V., Ovsyannikova A.K., Lifshits G.I., Gicheva I.M.