The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Vol. 33, № 3, 2013


Electrophysiological studies and tactics of treatment of patients with trigeminal neuralgia

Petrovskaya A.S., Krivoshapkin A.L., Aftanas L.I., Krivoshapkin A.L.

Clinical-functional substantiation of application Of general magnetic therapy in the complex treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus type 2

Tunikovskya O.V., Kareva N.P., Chernova N.N.

Recurrence of varicose disease. The reasons, methods of diagnostic and treatment

Safonov V.A., Gromatsky D.F., Nenarochnov S.V., Sherov R.Z.

Interrelation between carbohydrate metabolism, anthropometric status and bone tissue condition at women in perimenopause

Ruyatkina L.A., Lomova A.V., Ruyatkin D.S.

Neurocognitive disorders and their regress after successful treatment of malignant glioma of pons varoli

Krivoshapkin A.L., Petrovskaya A.S., Postnov V.G., Kobozev V.V., Sergeev G.S., Vasyatkina A.G., Zhukova O.V., Levin E.A.

Angiotensin II receptor blockers in treatment of hypertensive patients with metabolic disorders

Yakhontov D.A., Orlovetskaya E.V.

The water–suction dissection application for the complex treatment of diabetic foot complicated forms

Anishchenko V.V., Bass A.A., Vasilev S.L., Ganichev D.A.

Causes and prevention of failed back surgery syndrome after microdiscectomy

Krivoshapkin A.L., Semin P.A., Nekrasov A.D.

Evaluation of lymphotropic antibacterial therapy of patients with chronic tonsillitis

Stanishevskiy R.О., Lyubarsky M.S.

Arterial hypertension and dyslipidemia at gallstone disease

Grigorieva I.N., Lebedeva M.S.

The results of surgical treatment of leukoplakia of the bladder in women with chronic cystitis

Notov K.G., Sazonova I.D., Domakhin I.A., Dobryak A.Yu., Kovrov I.V.