The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Vol. 36, № 2, 2016


Ultrastructural characterization of the myocardium in mechanical trauma of the heart in the experiment

Novoselov V.P., Savchenko S.V., Porvin A.N., Koshlyak D.A., Yankovskiy V.E., Nadeev A.P., Ageeva T.A., Chikinev Yu.V., Polyakevich A.S.

Morphological criteria for periodization of spine development

Zaidman A.M., Korel A.V., Strokova E.L.

The role of glutathione and protein oxidative modification in apoptosis of breast epithelial cells under induced oxidative stress

Shakhristova E.V., Stepovaya E.A., Ryazantseva N.V., Nosareva О.L., Chil’chigashev R.I., Novitsky V.V.

Research of the allergenic properties of new silver containing finely particulate sorbent

Popova T.V., Tolstikova T.G., Letyagin A.Yu., Rachkovskaya L.N.

The effect of a lithium-containing composition on ethanol-induced changes in liver and brain within the experiments on mice

Kotlyarova A.A., Letyagin A.Yu., Tolstikova T.G., Bgatova N.P., Rachkovskaya L.N.

Lysosomal storage diseases in Europe: problem of neurodegeneration and the new trends in therapeutic interventions

Pupyshev A.B.

Preventive intravenous injection of zymosan-treated neutrophils suppresses growth of B16 melanoma in mice liver and spleen

Lyubimov G.Yu., Lyubimov A.G., Menshchikova E.B., Kozlov V.A.


Blood serum and peritoneal fluid cytokines concentrations in women with infertility and chronic inflammation of reproductive system

Trunovа L.A., Marinkin I.O., Trunov A.N., Kuleshov V.M., Obukhovа O.O., Gorbenko O.M., Shvayuk A.P.

Osteochondral lesions of the trochlea tali: modern approaches to surgical treatment (review)

Kuznetsov V.V., Pakhomov I.A.

Morphometric characteristics of the histopathological parameters of the bone tissue and articular surface of the femoral head in the coxarthrosis’ different nosological entities

Davydov D.A., Avdalyan A.M., Agadzhanyan V.V., Lushnikova E.L., Ust’yantseva I.M.

The use of contact low-frequency ultrasonic exposure under conditions of transosseous osteosynthesis at the treatment of open tibial fractures

Reznik L.B., Rozhkov K.Yu., Dzyuba H.G., Penkov E.V., Nikitenko S.A., Vozhova O.S., Karavaeva V.A., Kotov D.V., Eltsova A.A.

The experience of hospital thrombolytic therapy of st-segment elevation myocardial infarction in regional vascular center

Kireev K.A., Krasnopeev A.V.

The phenomenon of leptinresistance in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease and different types of obesity

Livzan M.A., Lapteva I.V., Krolevets T.S.

Robotic operations in prostate cancer (the expirience of 50 operations)

Yarmoshchuk S.V., Kudryavtsev A.S., Zheravin A.A., Drobyazgin E.A., Arkhipov A.N.

Valve-containing xenovenous conduit: terra incognita or tabula rasa?

Zhuravleva I.Yu., Karpova E.V., Kuznetsova E.V., Yunoshev A.S., Korobeynikov A.A., Timchenko T.P., Nichay N.R., Soynov I.A., Gorbatykh A.V.

Comparative study of methods for correction of hemorrhagic syndrom in newborns and infants at the cardiac surgery

Leonov N.P., Karaskov A.M., Strunin O.V.