The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Vol. 40, № 2, 2020


Platelet microvesicles and their role in providing hemostatic capacity (literature review)

Momot A.P., Tsarigorodtseva N.O., Fedorov D.V., Bishevski K.M., Vostrikova N.V., Klimova E.E.

Interferons lambda – therapeutic application

Kikhtenko N.A., Oleynik L.A., Makarov V.K., Nagorskaya E.P., Madonov P.G.


The experimental model of laboratory animals’ intoxication by polyacrylonitrile pyrolysis products

Tolkach P.G., Basharin V.A., Chepur S.V., Gorbacheva T.V., Chaykina M.A.

Morphological disturbances of rat parietal cortex and hippocampus neurons in the dynamics steady subtotal ischemia of the brain

Bon E.I., Maksimovich N.E., Zimatkin S.M., Valko N.A., Kot V.N.

Composition based on aluminum oxide and polydimethylsiloxane – matrix for enhancing drug targeting

Korolev M.A., Rachkovskaya L.N., Konenkov V.I., Letyagin A.Yu., Madonov P.G.

The safety of the use of the conditioned medium obtained by directed osteogenic induction of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells

Pokrovskaya L.A., Sherstoboev E.Yu., Nadezhdin S.V., Danilets M.G., Trofimova E.S., Ligacheva A.A., Churin A.A., Dubskaya T.Yu.


Dual-port operations in surgery of bullous lung emphysema

Drobyazgin E.A., Chikinev Yu.V., Tshcherbina K.I., Khusainov V.F.

Comparing the impact of beta-blockers and prostaglandin analogues on ocular surface change in glaucoma patients

Pupysheva M.M., Gusarevich O.G., Gusarevich A.A., Poloz T.L.

Endocopic diverticuloesophagotomy in dysphagia of combined genesis in aged patient (сlinical case)

Sudovykh I.E., Drobyazgin E.A., Chikinev Yu.V.

Cardiovascular system state changes in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients during chemotherapy

Bady A.-S.O., Fedorova S.S., Yakhontov D.A., Pospelova T.I.

Substantiation of the choice of open surgical intervention in treatment of false axillary artery aneurysm

Zayniddin N., Toirov O.A., Ilhamova F.S.


The interrelation between the Ketle index and the body component composition (muscle, fat, bone) in students with different levels of physical fitness

Chanchaeva E.A., Sidorov S.S., Kozlov A.V., Vodoleeva V.A., Aizman R.I.

Changes in glomerular filtration rate in young adults: population data

Kovalkova N.A., Khudyakova A.D., Shcherbakova L.V., Vaskina E.A., Denisova D.V., Ragino Yu.I., Voevoda M.I.


Insufficiency of timeliness and efficiency of diagnosis of malignant tumors of visual localization in the female reproductive system

Voroshina N.V., Vazhenin A.V., Tyukov Yu.A.