The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2012 / 17-27

Platelet apoptosis. On the issue of factors of insufficient antiplatelet drug effectiveness

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Increased platelet aggregation is the bases for the pathogenesis of many diseases. However, it’s not always possible to overcome platelets hyperaggregation and to prevent the development of thrombotic complications using antiplatelet drugs. This article focuses on apoptosis of platelets, which are supposed to be regarded as unaccounted factor of platelets activation and as a new predictor of complications with coronary heart diseases patients, and its mechanisms – as a new target for antiplatelet drugs

Key words

aggregation, annexin V, apoptosis, caspase, thrombin, platelets, phosphatidyl serine
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Berezovskaya G.A. – candidate of medical sciences, senior researcher of the laboratory of acute coronary syndrome, e-mail:

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Received: 10/02/2015