The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2012 / 28-31

The influence of histochrome on exudative and proliferative phases of the experimental inflammation

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In experiences in vivo influence of long introduction of a preparation histochrom on different stages of process of an inflammation was investigated. Antiexudative action was studied on model of a sharp inflammatory hypostasis of a paw of the rat, induced by introduction under plantar aponeurosis the right back finiteness with animal 0.1 ml of 1 % carrageenan solution. The histochrome’s effect on current proliferative phases of an inflammation was studied on model cotton granulomas. Animal of experimental groups within 12 days hypodermically entered histochrom in a doze of 10 mg/kg. Control rats received the same quantities of water. It was experimentally shown, that preliminary application of 10 mg/kg histochrom suppressed formation of an inflammatory hypostasis of a paw of rats on 58.5 % in one hour after carrageenan injection. Antiexudative action of the preparation was kept at a high level within two hours of experiment and weakened by the end of the period of supervision a little. The revealed effect of histochrom is comparable with the action of some classical nonsteroid anti-inflammatory agents, and can be caused by his intervention in starting mechanisms of inflammatory process. Proliferative phase of an inflammation by histochrom does not oppress and, thus, does not render essential influence on current of chronic inflammatory process.

Key words

histochrome, antiinflammatory action
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Talalaeva O.S. candidate of medical sciences, assistant of the chair of pharmacology,

Mishchenko N.P. candidate of chemical sciences, е-mail:

Bryukhanov of medical sciences, professor, rector

Zverev Ya.F. – doctor of medical science, professor of the chair for pharmacology, е-mail:

Fedoreyev S.A. doctor of chemical sciences, head of the laboratory

Lampatov of biological sciences, professor of the chair for pharmacology

Zharikov A.Yu. candidate of biological sciences, assistant professor of the chair for pharmacology

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