The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 1 / 2014 / 10-14

The lymph in the intracorporal circuit of the water

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The intracorporal water circuit is a part of the biosphere and its circulation includes all animal body’s fluids. Main among them is the blood, lymph, interstitial fluid. Lymphopoiesis happens: a) initially while sucking water from the external environment in the lymph, b) the secondary while sucking the tissue fluid, resulting in the filtration of blood plasma into the interstitial tissue. Continuous mixing of lymph flow contributes to continuous updating of water content in the body of terrestrial animal. As a link between the tissue fluid and blood, lymph acts as a balancer between two environments: the value of lymphopoiesis in intercellular colloids and the value of lymph reset into bloodstream.

Key words

intracorporal water circuit, blood, lymph, interstitial fluid
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Borodin Yu.I. – doctor of medical sciences, academician of RAMS

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Received: 13/02/1970
Accepted: 08/05/2015