The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 3 / 2014 / 56-60

Scleral connective tissue features in re-operated patients with primary open-angle pseudoexfoliative glaucoma

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Objective. To study scleral connective tissue structural properties in patients with primary open-angle pseudoexfoliative glaucoma underwent repeat surgery. Material and methods. 49 surgical scleral specimens of 48 patients with primary open-angle pseudoexfoliative of II–III stage glaucoma; light and electron microscopy. Results and discussion. The relatively low proliferative activity of matrix-producing scleral cells, elastosis and pseudoexfoliations in the trabecular meshwork and the mast cells localization near the drainage system elements were found in the patients with primary anti-glaucoma surgery. The diffuse granulomas with proliferative fibroblasts were found in the scleral samples of patients underwent repeat surgeries, especially numerous – near the resection margin.

Key words

primary open angle glaucoma, repeated anti-glaucoma surgery, pseudoexfoliative syndrome, scleral sample, connective tissue, transmission electron microscopy
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Kuleshova O.N. – doctor of medical science, professor of the chair for ophthalmology, ophthalmologist, e-mail:

Lazareva A.K. – student of 6 year of the faculty for general medicine

Aidagulova S.V. – doctor of biological sciences, professor, head of the laboratory for cellular biology and fundamental basis of reproduction, e-mail:

Dikovskaya M.A. – head of the ophthalmology department, ophthalmologist

Ermakova O.V. – ophthalmologist

Dulidova V.V. – ophthalmologist

Glok M.A. – ophthalmologist

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