The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 3 / 2014 / 104-107

Significance of spherical aberrations in keratorefractive surgery of myopia

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The investigation of spherical aberrations measured in photopic and scotopic conditions prior to and after 226 bilateral LASIK procedures performed on excimer laser Schwind Amaris (Germany) was carried out in 113 myopic patients. It is known that optical zone appropriate for scotopic conditions tends to increase rate of spherical aberrations after LASIK. To eliminate this, it is essential to calculate corneal optical zone with consideration to individual anatomic parameters and pupil diameter in scotopic conditions. Effective corneal optical zone should correspond to the calculated one.

Key words

LASIK, pupil, myopia, corneal optical zone, spherical aberrations
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Blinkova H.S. – ophthalmologist, e-mail:

Fokin V.P. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, director

Sivolobov V.A. – medical technician


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Received: 10/02/2015