The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 5 / 2013 / 42-45

Complex investigation of women with benign mammary dysplasia against the background of hyperprolactinemia

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The comparative analysis of prolactin levels in patients with various forms of diffuse benign mammary dysplasia (DBMD) has been carried out using the principles of evidence-based medicine at the complex and comparative assessment with the magnetic resonance imaging data of pituitary gland. It has been revealed that in spite of statistically significant increase in prolactin level in serum of women with DBMD as well as with mixed form of DBMD in comparison with control value with predominance of adenous, fibrocystic component there were absence of persuasive signs of pituitary gland organic pathological changes. It has been proposed that the revealed hyperprolactinemia can be caused by both adenohypophysis functional disorders and be beyond pituitary origin.

Key words

pituitary gland, diffuse benign mammary dysplasia, evidence-based medicine, prolactin
About Authors (Correspondence):

Tonkikh O.S. – candidate of medical sciences, radiologist, e-mail:

Sotnikova L.S. – doctor of medical sciences, professor of the char for obstetrics and gynecology of the faculty for training and re-training of specialists, e-mail:

Gerget O.M. – candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of the chair for applied mathematics

El Akad E.V. – obstetrician-gynecologist

Okkel Yu.V. – candidate of medical sciences, obstetrician-gynecologist

Dranichnikova O.S. – candidate of medical sciences, neurologist

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