The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2012 / 72-79

The influence of psychological factors on post-operation dynamics of spinal pain

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The influence of psychological factors on the pain dynamics within pre– and post operative conditions was studied in 155 patients, who had surgery intervention for correction of pain syndrome of vertebrate osteochondrosis. The intensity of pain syndrome was estimated by means of 5-points visual-analogue scale. The individual psychological peculiarities of people under the conditions of social communications were estimated by means of Kettell questionnaire. The types of reaction to disease were studied by means of the Leningrad questionnaire of Bechterev’s Institute. The individual personality factors increasing the risk of the pain syndrome relapse after surgery therapy were revealed in the study. It was shown, that in males and females, the increase of disease relapse was related with different psychological factors. In females, the osteochondrosis relapse was often detected in people with sensitive type of reaction to disease, whereas the osteochondrosis relapse in males was more related with paranoid type of reaction to disease.

Key words

pain syndrome, vertebrate osteochondrosis, psychological factors
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Krutko A.V. – candidate of medical sciences, head of neurosurgery department N 2, senior researcher; e-mail:

Baikalov A.A. – candidate of medical sciences, senior researcher; e-mail:

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Savostyanov A.N. – candidate of medical sciences, doctor of philosophic sciences, head of neurolinguistic group, senior researcher; e-mail:

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Received: 09/02/2015