The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 1 / 2014 / 54-59

Forecasting of development of pneumonia at influenza А(Н1N1)/v at children

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A research objective – identification of prognostic criteria of development of a pneumonia at influenza А(Н1N1)/v at children. Material and methods. 161 children were surveyed. The basic group of the investigated was made by 87 children with the pneumonia, associated with a influenza А(Н1N1)/v, comparison group – 74 children with an uncomplicated current of influenza А(Н1N1)/v. 87 indicators (clinical, laboratory, tool) defined at all patients were included into multifactorial regression model. Results and discussion. Independent criteria of development of a pneumonia at influenza А(Н1N1)/v are the increase of the content in serum of blood of the transformation growth factor-β1 (TGF β1), IL-10, IL-4 and parity change of metalloproteazy-9 to its specific fabric inhibitor.

Key words

influenza, prognosis, children, pneumonia, prognosis
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Miromanova N.A. – candidate of medical sciences, associate professor, head of the chair of children infections

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Received: 11/02/2015