The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2013 / 49-55

Neurotechnologies of audio-visual-vibrotactile stimulation in therapy of arterial hypertension in children and teenagers

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Therapeutic effects of the complex 2-weeks therapy of the three pathogenetically different forms of the arterial hypertension (AH) (mesenchymal dysplasia of connective tissue, n = 22; hypothalamic syndrome, n = 25; essential hypertension, n = 25) using pharmacotherapy (enalapril, propranolol) alone or combined with the audio-visual-vibrotactile stimulation (AVVS, 10 sessions of 30 min each during 14 days) in children and teenagers were studies. 24-hour arterial blood pressure measurements were made before and at the 14th day of the treatment. In comparison with the monotherapy by pharmacological preparations, the combined treatment (AVVS + pharmacotherapy) led to more efficient correction of abnormal day and night arterial blood pressure dynamics as well as to a two-fold decrease of intake doses of enalapril or propranolol. It has been suggested that AVVS combined with pharmacotherapy, make the overall treatment of arterial hypertension more efficient by improving mind-body interactions in hypertensive pathological states.

Key words

arterial hypertension,, audio-visual-vibrotactile stimulation, hypothalamic syndrome, children, mesenchymal dysplasia of connective tissue, combined therapy,, teenagers, propranolol, enalapril, essential hypertension
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