The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2013 / 19-22

Retabolil influence on the artherial pressure and aldosterone level at cold exposure

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It had been shown that retabolil (2.5 mg at rat) lowers the arterial pressure and the level of hypotensive hormone aldosterone in plasma of Wistar rats after the single and multiple cold exposure (+4 oС). The naltrexone (0,1 mg/kg)
introduction selectively blocking µ-opioid receptors has shown that they are involved into the hypotensive and aldosterone-reducing effects of retabolil under repeated cold exposure. Thereby the µ-opioid mechanism of blocking enhanced aldosterone level may be considered as one of the version of retabolil hypotensive effect at least under repeated cold exposure. Retabolil can be used as hypotensive and aldosterone-blocking substance at least under cold exposure.

Key words

µ-opioid receptors, aldosterone, arterial pressure, retabolil, cold exposure
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Ovsyukova M.V. – candidate of biological sciences, researcher of the group of endocrinology, e-mail:

Egorova S.A. – veterinary physician

Obut T.A. – doctor of biological sciences, chief researcher of the group of endocrinology

Erdynieva T.A. – candidate of biological sciences

Dementeva T.Yu. – candidate of agricultural sciences

Obut E.T. – researcher of the group of endocrinology

Gorobchuk A.G. – candidate of physical-mathematical sciences

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Received: 02/02/2015