The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2013 / 30-34

Influence of ethinylestradiol on rheological properties of blood and hemostasis in experimental ovariectomy

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Ethinylestradiol at the course introduction (25 mcg/kg intragastrically during 14 days) reduced blood viscosity by 4–11 % in rats after ovariectomy. This effect was due to improvement of rheological properties of red blood cells and reduction of hematocrit and fibrinogen levels in plasma. Ethinylestradiol reduced endothelial dysfunction but increased the ADP-dependent platelet aggregation and accelerated the intervascular thrombosis forming after its initiation by FeCl2 solution.

Key words

platelet aggregation, blood viscosity, hemostasis,, erythrocyte deformability,erythrocyte aggregation, ovariectomy, endothelial dysfunction., ethinylestradiol,
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Anishchenko A.M. – candidate of medical sciences, researcher of laboratory of circulation pharmacology

Aliev O.I. – doctor of medical sciences, leading researcher of laboratory of circulation pharmacology

Plotnikova T.M. – doctor of biological sciences, professor of the chair for pharmacology, e-mail:

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