The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 1 / 2015 / 107-113

Quality of life in patients with acute leukemia in the dynamics of therapy

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The quality of life (QoL) is the second criterion of evaluation of antineoplastic therapy results in order of importance after survival rate. Therefore, it’s highly important to study QoL of patients with oncohematological diseases, approaches in treatment of which have been dramatically changed. This has led to the improvement in prognosis for such patients. 36 patients with acute leukemia have been examined. It has been shown that the patients’ quality of life was decreased according to all evaluation scales by the time of setting the diagnosis in comparison with the control group. Furthermore, the significant differences in QoL have been revealed in dependence to the immunocytochemical variant of leukemia and duration of mielotoxic agranulocytosis. It has been also shown that there were improvements in QoL during the treatment course and in the period of complete clinical and hematological remission. However, in comparison to the control group, the QoL indicators remained low.

Key words

quality of life, acute leukemia, polychemotherapy
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Received: 17/02/2015