The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 2 / 2015 / 37-42

Relationship between erythrocyte deformability with glycation of hemoglobin and the formation of microvesicles

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Purpose of the research: to study the level of dependence of hemoglobin glycation and erythrocyte microvesiculation severity on changes in erythrocytes. Materials and Methods: erythrocytes were stored at 4 °C for 28 days. The methods of ultracentrifugation, determination of HbА1с and deformability of erythrocytes have been used.. Results: The content of HbА1с in the erythrocyte, in their membranes and in the micro vesicles has been increased in the process of erythrocytes conservation. The correlation between the degree of increase of HbА1с, microvesiculation and decrease of erythrocyte deformability has been revealed.

Key words

glycated hemoglobin, erythrocyte deformability, conservation of erythrocytes, erythrocyte micro vesicles
About Authors (Correspondence):

Levin G.Ya. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, honored worker of science, head of department of gravitation surgery and hemodialysis

Sukhareva E.G. – junior researcher of department of gravitation surgery and hemodialysis

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Received: 17/04/2015