The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 3 / 2015 / 4-8

Cytokines and genes polymorphism in the promoter regions (C-590T IL4 and C-597A IL10) as markers of uncontrolled atopic bronchial asthma in children

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The aim. To study an association between the promoter polymorphisms of the IL4 (C-590T) and IL10 (C-597A) genes and serum cytokines level in children with atopic bronchial asthma. Material and methods. The immune status parameters, serum cytokines level and gene polymorphism С-590Т IL4 and С-597А IL10 has been evaluated in seventy four children with asthma. Results and discussion. The occurrence of T-590 allele of the IL4 gene and IL-4 cytokine hyperproduction is the unfavorable factor for the asthma uncontrolled course. The reduced serum level of IL-10 and A-597 allelic variant of the IL10 gene enhance the control of asthma in children.

Key words

C-590T, C-597A, IL10, IL4, bronchial asthma, gene polymorphism, cytokines
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Received: 01/07/2015