The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 3 / 2015 / 9-15

Experimental radiological investigation of spleen after resection and hemostasis by «non-equilibrium» plasma

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The study aim was to research a new method of hemostasis based on cold plasma in injuries of the spleen. The study was performed on rabbits. Biochemical values, histological data and MRI data of investigated organ were assessed at long-term periods (90th and 180th days) after surgery with nonequilibrium plasma coagulation. Nonequilibrium plasma hemostasis leads to reduction of the specific volume of white and red pulp. Changes of biochemical values testify to the absence of systemic lesion. Data of dynamic contrasting MRI show the absence of impairment of organ microcirculation. Thus, the functional activity of the spleen after resection and further cold plasma hemostasis is unaffected.

Key words

nonequilibrium plasma, hemostasis of parenchymal organs, dynamic contrasting MRI of spleen, spleen trauma
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Borodin O.Yu. – candidate of medical sciences, head of the MRI office of hospital, e-mail:

Semichev E.V. – candidate of medical sciences, researcher of central scientific research laboratory, e-mail:

Baikov A.N. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of central scientific research laboratory, e-mail:

Bushlanov P.S. – resident physician of chair of surgical diseases, faculty of pediatrics, e-mail:

Gereng E.A. – candidate of medical sciences, associate professor, senior researcher of central scientific research laboratory, e-mail:

Koshevets E.S. – candidate of biological sciences, doctor-laboratory assistant of central clinical diagnostic laboratory of hospital clinics, e-mail:

Aleynik A.N. – candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior researcher of chair of applied physics, e-mail:

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Received: 01/07/2015