The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2015 / 27-34

Particularities of continuous oscillatory brain activity in patients with ocular ischemic syndrome

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Purpose: to define the characteristics of stable functional states of the central nervous system on the basis of registration of brain oscillations in patients with ocular ischemic syndrome. Materials and methods: the study included 32 patients with transient monocular blindness, 41 with acute and 68 with chronic ischemic optic neuropathy, 32 with suspected ocular ischemic syndrome. The diffuse magnetic component of brain potentials was researched using inductive sensors with the determination of mainly long-ongoing rhythmic components using inductive noncontact sensors. Spectral analysis was carried out using the original software package, developed on the basis of SIC «Arctic» of RAS. The obtained information was processed using the original program complex and presenting in the form of a matrix of «multiple functional states» of the organism. Results: The specific rhythmic patterns were revealed in patients with each type of ocular ischemic syndrome. The most specific sign of ocular ischemia was the presence of desinchronization of brain rhythm in the frequency spectrum 6,821–7,564 Hz (p < 0.01). Revealed rhythmic patterns allowed distinguishing acute, chronic and early form of ocular ischemic syndrome. It is supposed, that rhythmic patterns are the result of nonspecific brain reticular substance activity.

Key words

ocular ischemic syndrome, rhythmic activity, spectral analysis, functional state, central nervous system
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Shchuko A.G. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, director, head of chair of ocular diseases, e-mail:

Veselov A.A. – candidate of medical science, assistant professor of chair of ocular diseases, e-mail:

Shabanov G.A. – candidate of biological sciences, senior researcher of neurocybernetics laboratory, e-mail:

Rybchenko A.A. – doctor of technical sciences, head of the neurocybernetics laboratory, e-mail:

Filina N.V. – candidate of medical science, assistant professor of chair of ocular diseases

Iur’eva T.N. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, deputy director on scientific work, e-mail:,

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Received: 31/08/2015