The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2015 / 45-48

Interleukin-6 in predicting the course of postoperative period in patients with periprosthetic infection of the hip

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The IL-6 content has been investigated in patients with the hip periprosthetic infection in the process of surgical treatment. According to the data obtained, it is possible to predict the absence of infection recurrence for six coming months of the postoperative period for the following IL-6 values: ≤ 6 pg/ml before surgery, ≤ 7 pg/ml 7, 21, 30 – 45 days after surgery. When IL-6 values increased as follows: ≥11 pg/ml before surgery, ≥19 pg/ml 3 days, ≥8 pg/ml 21 days, ≥18 pg/ml 30-45 days after surgery, there was high probability of infection complication development.

Key words

IL-6, periprosthetic infection, recurrence, the hip (joint)
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Chepeleva M.V. – candidate of medical sciences, senior researcher of clinical laboratory of microbiology and immunology, e-mail:

Klyushin N.M. – doctor of medical sciences, head of the laboratory of pyogenic osteology, e-mail:

Ermakov A.M. – orthopaedic surgeon of bone infection department 1, e-mail:

Ababkov Yu.V. – orthopaedic surgeon, head of bone infection department 1, e-mail:

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Received: 31/08/2015