The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 6 / 2015 / 22-28

Comparative analysis of osseointegration of bioceramic alumoxane conglomerate of granules

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Purpose. The trial is dedicated to the study and characterization of alumina ceramic granules conglomerate osseo-integration into a large defect of spongious bone tissue. Materials and methods. The implanted materials: hollow alumina ceramic granules, porous hydroxyapatite ceramic granules and deproteinized bone granules have been investigated. The granules were implanted in vertebral bodies of 6 mongrel dogs weighing 15 to 18 kg. Results. The direct contact of newly formed bone tissue and alumina ceramic granules surface in peripheral zone of vertebral body defect have been revealed at histological examination after 6 months of follow-up period. However the connective tissue fiber ingrowing has been found in central zone of defects. Same results were observed in group with implantation of deproteinized bone granules. Unlike the previous substances the empty cavities were revealed in group with alumina bioceramic granules in case of implanting hydroxyapatite granules in the central zone of the conglomerate in two out of six cases. Conclusion. Considering the integration with bone tissue the new hollow alumina ceramic granules demonstrated the same results as the well proved in clinical practice deproteinized bone granules.

Key words

alumina ceramic, granules conglomerate, osseointegration
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Rerikh V.V. – doctor of medical sciences, head of orthopedics department, head of the chair for traumatology and orthopedics, e-mail:

Avetisyan A.R. – postgraduate student, e-mail:

Savchenko S.V. – doctor of medical sciences, professor of the chair for forensic pathology

Bataev V.A. – doctor of technical sciences, professor, vice chief of materials in mechanical engineering department

Nikulina A.A. – candidate of technical sciences, docent of materials in mechanical engineering department

Popelyukh A.I. – candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of department of material science in engineering

Aronov A.M. – doctor of economical sciences, executive director

Semantsova E.S. – leading researcher

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Received: 12/01/2016