The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 1 / 2016 / 97-104

Software system for diagnosing spinal diseases using case-based reasoning

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This paper describes the Diagnostic Panel Software System designed for the domain of spinal deformity and degenerative spinal disease. The work has been based on the logical methods of processing of the data obtained from natural language medical records. The software system is based on a patient’s clinical and laboratory test results that help the physicians to determine an initial diagnosis and obtain immediate information for the necessary analysis for a final diagnosis and to select the optimal treatment plan. The Diagnostic Panel Software System uses a case-based approach to presenting the information from the variety of native language sources. The model theoretic methods of domain ontology construction has been used to develop the case-based approach. The Formal Concept Analysis methodology has been implemented to process the represented information/data in the system.

Key words

diagnosis, spine diseases, fuzzy model, ontology, case-based model, formal concept, formal context
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Palchunov D. – doctor of physical mathematical sciences, professor, head of the chair for general informatics, leading researcher, е-mail:

Yakhyaeva G.E. – candidate of physical mathematical sciences, docent, е-mail:

Yasinskaya O.V. – lecturer assistant, е-mail:

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Received: 22/03/2016
Accepted: 02/01/1970