The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2016 / 70-75

Analysis of content of endogenous pro- and antioxidants of iron and uric acid in blood serum at preeclampsia

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The complex biochemical analysis of content of uric acid, serum iron, ratio uric/ iron and other markers at preeclampsia of different severity has been conducted. The level of proteinuria, systolic arterial pressure, content of creatinin and calcium, transaminase activity in blood serum are the main markers to detect the severity of preeclampsia. The level of uric acid and serum iron depends on severity of preeclampsia. Severe hyperuricemia, when crystallization of uric acid is possible, has been observed only at severe preeclampsia. This factor can yet more complicate the work of kidney, broken at such pathology. The data obtained show that the simultaneous detection of uric acid and iron levels is more informative for definition of preeclampsia severity extent than separate research of these factors.

Key words

uric acid, preeclampsia, serum iron
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Shcherbakov V.I. – doctor of medical sciences, researcher of laboratory of immunology, e-mail:

Pozdnyakov I.M. – doctor of medical sciences, professor of the chair for obstetrics and gynecology, the chief doctor

Shirinskaya A.V. – obstetrician-gynecologist, e-mail:

Received: 31/08/2016