The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 5 / 2016 / 118-124

Medicine and informatics: interdisciplinary competencies formation for NSU and NSMU students

Author Affiliations


The interdisciplinary competencies und multidisciplinary student research teams’ formation have been shown on the example of joint project work aimed at obtaining research results in medicine and using mathematical tools and computational technologies. The analysis of the problems of interdisciplinary interaction and terms for interdisciplinary scientific approach realization during the learning process for IT students and students in medicine has been carried out. Examples of joint research and software development projects e.g. development of data analysis package STATIUM are presented.

Key words

information and computational technologies in medicine, medical statistics, interdisciplinary competences, project-oriented training
About Authors (Correspondence):

Yablokova E.P. – candidate of chemical sciences, project consultant

Yurchenko A.V. – candidate of physical mathematical sciences, acting director

Сhebykin D.V. – candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of department of public health and health care organization

Tuzovskiy А.А. – student

Sevastyanov A.A. – postgraduate student of department of public health and health care organization

Received: 08/11/2016