The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 6 / 2016 / 65-73

Prospects for therapeutic use of substances from fungus Ganoderma lucidum

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The article is aimed to overview the last literature on pharmacological, preventive and therapeutic properties of the substances from fungus Ganoderma lucidum, concerning internal diseases. Anti-diabetic and anti-atherogenic effects of the G. lucidum are described, its hepato-, reno-, gastro- and cerebroprotective as well as anti-asthmatic activities are characterized. Therapeutic perspectives of G. lucidum-derived compounds are indicated.

Key words

Ganoderma lucidum, anti-atherogenic, anti-diabetic, organ-protective, polysaccharides, anti-asthmatic action, triterpenes
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Petrova E.S. candidate of technical sciences, researcher, e-mail:

Dolganova O.M. – candidate of medical sciences, researcher, e-mail:

Shvartz Ya.Sh. – doctor of medical sciences, head of the laboratory for molecular & cellular mechanisms of internal diseases, e-mail:

Received: 27/12/2016