The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 1 / 2017 / 5-10

Isolated and combined effects of mexidol and hypoxia on hemostasis in rats

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Objective: To analyze the adaptation of the hemostatic system response to hypoxia in rats after training cycles of mexidol administration and hypoxia exposure. Material and Methods: We used male rats (60 animals) of Wistar line. Training cycles consist of 30-fold daily «rise» in the pressure chamber (7,000 m – 1 h), 30x mexidol administration to animals (50 mg/kg), combined effect modes. Upon completion of the training mode, all groups of laboratory animals were exposed to experimental test – a single «step-up» in the pressure chamber (8,000 m – 1 h) to assess the haemostatic system adaption to each of the training modes. Results and discussion. The recovery of coagulation parameters link to the original level has been revealed in the control rats after the 30-day cycle of hypoxia, the depression of indicators of vascular platelet link has been detected after the course of mexidol administration. The combined previous exploration was accompanied by thecomplete recovery of all parameters of haemostatic system in rats.

Key words

hemostasis,, hypoxia, mexidol
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Received: 15/02/2017