The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 1 / 2017 / 27-31

Modern approaches to treatment of liver hydatid echinococcosis

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This work presents the results of the radical surgical intervention, which was executed on 281 patients with the hiatus echinus liver. The diagnose of the hiatus echinus liver was established on the basis of general clinical serological, roentgen methods of investigations, but mainly by the results of the ultrasound examination (USE), computer tomography, interperational USE, interoperation revision and morphological verification of the disease. The USE precision at the liver hiatus echinus definition was 91.2 %, computer tomography – 97. 5 %. The radical pericyst-ectomia operations were carried out in 146 patients, resection of the liver in 96, ideal echinococcusectomia – in 39. The specific complications after liver resection were revealed in 4.5 % of cases, and the mortality was 1.1 %. The complications after radical pericyst-ectomia were reveal in 1.5 % of cases, and without mortality. The complications and mortality were not observed after the ideal echinococcusectomia.

Key words

hiatus echinus, radical surgery, the liver resection, pericyst- ectomia, ideal echinococcusectomia
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Kasyev N.B. – candidate of medical sciences, associate professor, e-mail:

Аytnazarov M.S. – candidate of medical sciences

Nurbekova А.N. – student

Received: 15/02/2017