The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 5 / 2014 / 67-72

Choice of adjuvant radiation therapy in patients with stage I endometrial cancer

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Despite the large number of studies including randomized trials, adjuvant radiation therapy for patients with early stage endometrial cancer is still controversial. The results of the above studies have shown the need for new prognostic factors for endometrial cancer as well as creation of the mathematical models to determine the risk of recurrence especially for patients with early stage cancer. The data from the current literature and results of our studies dedicated to finding new criteria for prognosis of endometrial cancer with the aim to choose the appropriate treatment for stage I endometrial cancer have been analyzed.

Key words

adjuvant therapy, combined modality treatment, radiation therapy, endometrial cancer
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Chernyshova A.L. - doctor of medical sciences, leading researcher, engineer, e-mail:
Startseva Zh.A. - doctor of medical sciences, head of radiology department
Zatolokina A.A. - postgraduate student of radiology department

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Received: 08/02/2015