The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2012 / 5-10

Immunological aspects of complex correction of immune status disturbances at acute poured peritonitis by methods of lymphotropic therapy in experiment

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On the model of an acute poured peritonitis at rats the features of system immune status disturbances at an experimental peritonitis have been investigated and the evaluation of different methods of their correction based on the usage of common medicamentous therapy and complex therapy including sorption technology, immunotherapy and two methods of indirect lymphotropic therapy has been carried out. The ratio of T-lymphocytes-helper (CD4+) and Т-lymphocytes-suppressor (CD8+) levels in blood, thymus gland, spleen and lymphatic nodes has been used as the characteristic describing the immune status of investigated animals. It has been shown that the complex therapy of acute poured peritonitis including hypodermic lymphotropic injections of medicinal drugs in area of thoracal and lumbar departments of vertebral column in combination with sorbent is more effective, than traditional way of treatment.

Key words

Т-lymphocytes-suppressor, T-lymphocytes-helper, immunoregulatory index, immunoregulatory coefficient, blood, lymphatic nodes, lymphotropic injections,, acute experimental peritonitis, spleen, thymus gland,
About Authors (Correspondence):

Anikeev A.A. – candidate of medical sciences, researcher of central research laboratory

Lyubarsky M.S. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, deputy director on scientific work

Pustovetova M.G. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of central research laboratory, е-mail:

Arkhipov S.A. – doctor of biological sciences, senior researcher of СRL, е-mail:

Golubeva I.A. – doctor of medical sciences, professor

Valeev I.R. – post-graduate student

Gurakovsky I.P. – candidate of medical sciences, senior researcher of СRL

Bitkhaeva M.V. – researcher of СRL

Kunts T.A. – junior researcher of СRL

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