The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal

The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal / Author: Pustovetova M.G.


Histochemical and immunohistochemical investigation of extracellular matrix of fibrous ring of intervertebral discs at staphylococcosis modeling

Gurakovsky I.P., Arkhipov S.A., Pustovetova M.G., Golubeva I.A., Marinkin I.O., Elyasin P.A.

Dynamics of immunocompetent cells in blood of experimental animals following the application of the general hyperthermia

Krivoshapkin I.A, Efremov A.V., Samsonova E.N., Pustovetova M.G., Logacheva O.N., Alekseenko S.N.

Ultrastructural changes of blood capillary endotheliocytes at the late stage of WALKER 256 carcinosarcoma development under combined influence of melatonin and cyclophosphamide

Ovsyanko E.V., Pustovetova M.G., Kulishenko А.О., Vinogradov A.S., Bgatova N.P., Samsonova E.N.

Immunological aspects of complex correction of immune status disturbances at acute poured peritonitis by methods of lymphotropic therapy in experiment

Anikeev A.A., Lyubarsky M.S., Pustovetova M.G., Arkhipov S.A., Golubeva I.A., Valeev I.R., Gurakovsky I.P., Bitkhaeva M.V., Kunts T.A.

Cyclophosphamide administration for limitation of carcinosarcoma Walker 256 growth in rats aggravates the paraneoplastic ultractructural disturbances in the liver

Efremov A.V., Kunts T.A., Ovsyanko E.V., Ishenko I.Yu., Pustovetova M.G.

Pathomorphological changes of the organs of pancreatoduodenal zone in acute experimental pancreatitis and in terms of its correction

Fedorenko V.N., Nadeev A.P., Pustovetova M.G.

Dynamics of morphofunctional characteristics of liver lobule vascular system in Walker 256-bearing rats with carcinosarcoma

Kunts T.A., Efremov A.V., Ovsyanko E.V., Pustovetova M.G.

Molecular-cellular mechanisms of pulmonary fibrosis and spontaneous pneumothorax

Pustovetova M.G., Chikinev Yu.V., Piontkovskaya K.A., Drobyazgin E.A.


Content of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in the lacrimal and intraocular liquids in choroidal melanoma

Chernyavskaya M.A., Efremov A.V., Chernykh V.V., Pustovetova M.G.