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№ 2 / 2014 / 44-49

Features of modern polymorbidity internal medicine

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The analysis of the occurrence dynamics of trans-nosologic and trans-system polymorbidity in the general therapeutic clinic over a period of 2003-2011 years has been carried out. 23310 patients (9111 males and 14199 females) underwent medical treatment in the Clinic of Scientific Center for Clinical and Experimental Medicine of SB RAMS were the object of the study. Polymorbidity indicators in men and women were assessed. The estimate was carried out both in the whole category of patients and in three age periods: 16-39 years, 40-59 years and above 60 years. It has been shown that the average number of nosological forms (trans-nosologic polymorbidity) of the patients was equal to 4,5  ±  0,01, and the cases of system pathology (trans-system polymorbidity) - 3,76  ±  0,01. In men, these indicators were 4,88  ±  0,02 and 3,92  ±  0,02, and in women 5,33  ±  0,02 and 4,19  ±  0,01 - respectively were significantly higher than in male persons. In the period from 2003 to 2011 years rapid increase both in trans-nosologic and trans-system polymorbidity was revealed, the value of which per patient on average six clinical entities have reached and exceeded four concerned the physiological systems. Coefficient of trans-nosologic and trans-system polymorbidity has gender differences. In women, it has a higher value compared to men. In the period from 2003 to 2011 the incidence of isolated forms of cardio-vascular system reduced and the value of their syntropy with the diseases of the digestive system increased.

Key words

age, dynamics of polymorbidity, gender, polymorbidity
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Mitrofanov I.M. - doctor of medical sciences, leading researcher of the laboratory for pathogenesis of somatic diseases, chief researcher, e-mail:
Pospelova T.I. - doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the chair for therapy, hematology and transphysiology, e-mail:
Dolgova N.A. - head physician
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