The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 5 / 2013 / 5-9

Dynamics of morphofunctional characteristics of liver lobule vascular system in Walker 256-bearing rats with carcinosarcoma

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Morphometric characteristics of the liver vascular system in dynamics were investigated in Wistar rats transplanted with Walker carcinosarcoma 256. Reactive stromal changes revealed have toxic and obstructive genesis: lymphocytic infiltration with aggregates formation, persistent dilatation of the central and sublobular veins, irregular blood filling in the sinusoids. Structural density increase of lymphatic spaces of Mall directly correlated with obstructive vascular changes in triads and sinusoids. Metastatic invasion of carcinosarcoma Walker 256 cells was detected by blood-lymph way of spreading and intralobular node metastases were formed. In the early stages of tumor growth the cytotoxic liver activity, necrosis of the tumor foci were found out.

Key words

carcinosarcoma Walker 256, metastases, liver, prelymphatics, vascular system
About Authors (Correspondence):

Kunts T.A. – candidate of biological sciences, researcher of central research laboratory

Efremov A.V. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, corresponding member of RAMN, head of the chair for pathophysiology, honored scientist of the RF

Ovsyanko E.V. – doctor of medical sciences, associated professor of the chair for human anatomy

Pustovetova M.G. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of central research laboratory

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Received: 09/02/2015