The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 3 / 2014 / 87-91

Analysis of changes of eye anterior-posterior axis in children with hyperopic anisometropia after femtosecond laser in situ keratomileusis: 1 year of check-up

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Changes of eye axial length in children aged 6–11 with hyperopic anisometropia and medium and high hyperopia at worse eye were investigated during 1 year after femtosecond laser in situ keratomileusis rendered to remove anisometropia and to treat amblyopia when traditional conservative methods of treatment are not effective. In spite of special structure and mechanic properties of eye sclera of children and teen-agers with medium and high hyperopia which hamper emmetropization, eye axial length increases as refraction changes after surgery as a child grows. Great dynamics of axial length change after surgery in children aged 9–11 is revealed. Changes of anterior-posterior axis didn’t influence on high functional results in visual acuity and binocular functions rehabilitation in children after femtosecond laser in situ keratomileusis.

Key words

hyperopia, children
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Pashtaev N.P. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, director, course manager, head of ophthalmology and otolaryngology chair, e-mail:

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Received: 10/02/2015