The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 1 / 2013 / 98-101

Origins of shares donor «Our gift for life» among the university students in Novosibirsk

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A strong tendency to decrease in the total number of donors has been noted since 1993 in Russia. The problem of donated blood deficiency changed the work of the Department for Donor Staff Recruitment of Novosibirsk Blood Center, whose mission is to attract potential donors to give blood and plasma. Taking into consideration the circumstances the requitment of young people to donorship was regarded as one of the promising solutions of the problem of donation in the city and region.

Key words

donor, attracting donors, students
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Chernyavsky D.B. – physician of the ggravitational surgery and blood transfusion department,

Grebenyuk A.A. – assistant of the chair for therapy, hematology and blood transfusiology, e-mail:

Ivanchey O.S. – candidate of medical sciences, assistant of the chair for therapy, hematology and blood transfusio­logy, e-mail:

Halzov K.V. – candidate of medical sciences, head, e-mail:

Moor Yu.V. – deputy head the medical unit

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