The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 3 / 2013 / 30-36

Arterial hypertension and dyslipidemia at gallstone disease

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Investigating the relationship between gallstone disease and arterial hypertension in the epidemiological study in the frame of WHO Programme «MONICA», performed in 1994–1995 years among representative sample from female population in Novosibirsk aged 25–64, it was shown that arterial hypertension was met more often (41.6 %) in women with gallstone disease compared with women without gallstones (30.1 %). Arterial hypertension was identified among 31.7 % Pakistani patients with gallstone disease, but in the Chinese population in 1999 this association was not found. Decrease of high density lipoprotein blood level and hypertriglyceridemia is common risk factors for gallstone disease and arterial hypertension. However, the presence of arterial hypertension in patients with gallstone disease, was not accompanied by changes in the blood lipid profile.

Key words

arterial hypertension, dyslipidemia, gallstone disease
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