The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2014 / 36-41

Characteristics of psychophysiological stress markers in patients with arterial hypertension depending on the level of occupational risk

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Purpose of research. Study of the interaction between psycho-physiological markers of chronic stress and the labor intensity degree in the patients of different occupations with arterial hypertension. Materials and methods. 317 people aged from 30 to 50 years were surveyed. The criteria for inclusion in the researched groups were: occurrence of arterial hypertension I–II degree of high blood pressure and risk II for EOQ (2011). The exclusion criteria were: age over 50 years, acute vascular complications of the disease, thyroid disease, obesity, diabetes. The study on the level of cortisol and cytosolic stress-induced protein Hsp70, ACTH has been carried out with the steadily immunosorbent assays (ELISA) on the immunoenzymometric Analyzer «Ehrert Plus» by company a THREE PART ASYS HITECH (Austria). Psycho diagnostics of syndromes of professional stress have been carried out with standardized scales: scales of organizational stress (OS) by Mclean, «Scale of assessment of stress producing at the workplace», questionnaires «Differentiated assessment of health reduced state», «Personal resources loss and attainment», «Professional burnout». Results and discussion. It has been revealed that the arterial hypertension course in people exposed to chronic psycho emotional stress is characterized by the higher rates of cortisol and adrenocorticotrophic hormone and psychological stress markers in comparison with the groups of patients with the length of work up to 7 years and by significant reduction in these indexes at the length of work from 8 to 15 years. The reduced levels of adrenocorticotrophic hormone, cortisol, indicators of organizational stress and increase in the psycho adaptive capacity and stress-induced protein Hsp70 have been revealed in the patients with arterial hypertension whose work experience ranged from 8 to 15 years compared to their counterparts with work experience up to 7 years.


Key words

arterial hypertension, hormones, stress-induced protein
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