The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 2 / 2015 / 47-54

Modified sorbents for practical public health

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Sorbents are widely used in medical practice for detoxification in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. The sorbents sanative effect can be strengthened by applying the biologically active substances (enzymes, cells, etc.) to their surface. Thereby the sorbent acts simultaneously as the carrier of active substances for instance to the required segments of gastrointestinal tract and as the detoxicant. This approach has allowed creating the modified sorbents for prolonged delivery of such components as lithium and silver. Lithium is important to correct the psychoemotional state. Silver is the effective antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal remedy for infections.

Key words

detoxification, lithium, prolongation, silver, sorbents
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Rachkovskaya L.N. – candidate of chemical sciences, head of laboratory for lymphoregulation, e-mail:

Letyagin A.Yu. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, e-mail:

Burmistrov V.A. – candidate of chemical sciences, senior researcher of laboratory for lymphoforegulation

Korolev M.A. – candidate of medical sciences, e-mail:

Gelfond N.E. – candidate of chemical sciences senior researcher of laboratory for lymphoregulation, e-mail:

Borodin Yu.I. – academician, e-mail:

Konenkov V.I. – academician, e-mail:

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Received: 17/04/2015