The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 5 / 2015 / 84-89

Pathogenic factors of aseptic loosening of joint implants (review)

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The objective of the review is to analyze the data on occurrences of joint implants aseptic loosening accompanied with high sensibility to metal components of the implanted devices. Unsatisfactory results in early follow-up period after hip joint arthroplasty are linked with the aseptic loosening in 75 % cases. Thereat the structure of concomitant pathologic conditions is still not fully determined due to lack of the unified systemic approach to the evaluations of the aseptic loosening predictors. Currently known world arthroplasty registers perform very odd data on such topics which are hard to analyze in complex, and the world literature shows lack of systemic approach to the research of patient possible increased sensibility to different metals and their alloys (e.g. «metal hypersensibility» – and the last one is one of the major factors in the development of such complications as aseptic inflammation, infection, aseptic loosening and loss of the implant functionality. Thereby the introduction of unified systemic approach to the analysis of complications has been required. Such register also should incorporate the data on sensibilization to the chemical composition of the implant or its components. Availability of systemic unified data should allow researching new ways to improve biologic compatibility of the implants and implant systems based on the immune protection mechanisms evaluation in each individual case. It also should allow inventing required additions to the patient’s pre-surgery preparations algorithms and formulating new requirements to the local vendors of the implants and implant systems to solve import-substitution problems in this industry

Key words

aseptic loosening, metal hypersensibility, metal allergy, arthroplasty register, joint replacements
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Received: 02/11/2015