The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 6 / 2015 / 5-10

Using the contact ultrasonic exposure in the treatment of open fractures of long bones (experimental study)

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Violation of reparative regeneration of bone tissue in the treatment of open fractures is the actual problem. The main method of treatment of open fractures - extrafocal osteosynthesis does not solve all the problems of the treatment, the regeneration is required the stimulation. The low frequency ultrasound exposure is one of the stimulation factors. Aims: to improve the results of treatment of open fractures of long bones by combining extrafocal osteosynthesis and low-frequency ultrasonic treatment. Materials and methods. The study was conducted on adult mongrel dogs with modeled open fracture of humerus. The osteosynthesis has been carried out with the external fixation device consisting of 2 standard rod-screws and 2 hollow rod-screws being held in the bracket external fixation device. The ultrasound exposure has been operated through the hollow rod-screws by introducing ultrasound waveguide «Tier-M». The results. The fracture union has been reached animals of the main group (with ultrasonic exposure). In control group there were 28 % of fracture union, 44 % of sluggish consolidation and 28 % of false joint. Leaning on the operated limb and absence of abnormal mobility have been significantly earlier revealed in the main group and the callus optical density was higher in the main group compare to the control group. As well as leukocytes level and alkaline phosphatase activity normalized in main group significantly earlier, herewith alkaline phosphatase activity was significantly higher in early post surgery period in the main group compared to the control. Discussion. Contact ultrasound exposure promotes earlier pain management and increase in the callus density, it reduces the effects of unfavorable factors leading to the sluggish consolidation and false joints forming. It increases the activity of osteoblastic (increased activity of alkaline phosphatase). Conclusions. Contact sonication under extrafocal transosseous osteosynthesis improves the results of treatment of open fractures of long bones.

Key words

open fractures, stimulation of bone formation, ultrasonic treatment
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Dzyuba G.G. – candidate of medical sciences, associate professor the department of traumatology and orthopedics, e-mail:

Novikov A.A. – doctor of technical sciences, professor of department of mechanical engineering and materials science, materials science and technology section of the construction materials

Lebedeva D.A. – assistant professor of chair for mechanical engineering and materials science

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