The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 2 / 2016 / 86-89

Robotic operations in prostate cancer (the expirience of 50 operations)

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The aim of the study is the assessment of immediate results of operations in robotic urological practice. 50 patients with prostate malignant tumors of the stages I and II were operated with the use of da Vinci system. The robotic postatectomy duration and extent of blood loss within the surgery were much less as compared with traditional surgery. The complications during surgery and in the postoperative period were not revealed. The urination disorders were absent in all patients at discharge. Thereby the surgery method is low traumatizing and provides early patients rehabilitation.

Key words

prostate tumors, prostate cancer, robotic-assisted operations, urology
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Yarmoshchuk S.V. – oncosurgeon of department of radiotherapy, e-mail:

Kudryavtsev A.S. – thoracic surgeon, oncologist of department of radiotherapy, e-mail:

Zheravin A.A. – candidate of medical sciences, the head of department of center of oncology and radiosurgery, e-mail:

Drobyazgin E.A. – doctor of medical sciences, associate professor of department of hospital and children’s surgery, thoracic surgeon, leading researcher of center of oncology and radiosurgery, e-mail:

Arkhipov A.N. – candidate of medical sciences, staff cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon of pediatric cardiac surgery and newborn surgery center, e-mail:

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Received: 19/05/2016