The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2016 / 10-14

Lack of context-dependent of latent inhibition assessed in passive avoidance task in adolescent SHR rats

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Context-dependence of latent inhibition was investigated in young SHR rats (ADHD model) with passive avoidance task. SHR and control Wistar rats received 20 pre-expositions of conditioned stimulus before its conditioning. Pre-exposure and testing of latent inhibition were carried out in identical conditions (context A), and conditioning session was done in context B. Change of a context during the conditioning stage disrupted latent inhibition in control rats, but didn’t affected on its expression in SHR rats that indicates the lack of sensitivity of latent inhibition to change of a context, controlled by the hippocampus. The obtained result suggests that degenerative changes of hippocampus in SHR rats of 4–6 month old are the consequence of possible early neuro-mediatory disintegration, although exact mechanisms are unknown.

Key words

latent inhibition, context, passive avoidance, SHR rats
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Loskutova L.V. – doctor of biological sciences, chief researcher, e-mail:

Kostyunina N.V. – candidate of medical sciences, manager of therapeutic branch, e-mail: nadejda.nsk@yandex

Received: 31/08/2016