The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 4 / 2016 / 90-96

Thermal imaging for intraoperative monitoring of surface temperature during removal of cerebral meningiomas using radiation of neodymium laser

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Purpose. To study surface temperature in the zone of influence of a neodymium laser during removal of cerebral parasagittal meningiomas. Material and methods. The thermal imaging camera DVR-IFP «SVIT» was used. A total of 20 patients with parasagittal meningiomas have been examined during the removal surgery. Results and discussion. Noninvasiveness and safety are the advantage of thermal image for tissue temperature monitoring. It is possible to optimize laser coagulation time, vaporization, not to exceed the safe level of heating and to avoid thermal destruction of the surrounding brain tissue. Using temperature monitoring of treated tissue in clinical practice clarified the optimal values of laser radiation during removal of this type of tumors. Precision laser radiation impact was demonstrated. The obtained results testify to its safety for removal of cerebral meningiomas in compliance with our developed methods.

Key words

laser radiation, temperature monitoring, thermal imaging camera, cerebral meningiomas, neodymium laser
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Stupak V.V. – doctor of medical sciences, professor, chief researcher of clinic of neurosurgery, e-mail:

Belenkiy V.Ya. – academician of the Medico-Technical Academy of Sciences of Russia, director, e-mail:

Struts S.G. – leading engineer, e-mail:

Received: 31/08/2016