The Siberian Scientific Medical Journal
№ 5 / 2016 / 6-13

Early vascular aging. Nowadays status of the problem

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For a number of years research dedicated to understand atherosclerosis dominated, and for many good reasons as this pathophysiological process is proximal to the CVD. In recent years, research has been devoted to an earlier stage of vascular pathology (arteriosclerosis) and the new concept of Early Vascular Ageing (EVA) that has been developed by a group of mostly European researchers. The genetic aspects of EVA-syndrome, telomere biology, systemic inflammation, arterial stiffness measurement direct and indirect methods are at great focus of interest. There are still no unifying EVA treatment methods, only recommendations for conventional cardiovascular risk factor control. New interventions are being developed, not only new antihypertensive drugs but also new drugs for vascular protection, i.e. the selective Angiotensin-II (AT2) agonist named Compound 21 (C21). Human studies are awaited.

Key words

vascular ageing, hypertension, CAD, arteriosclerosis, arterial stiffness, metabolic syndrome, telomeres, matrix metalloproteinase
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Received: 08/11/2016